2 Deaths and 1 Master’s Thesis

Nov 24, 2014

The last couple months have been a whirlwind of emotion and hard work, and as things begin to settle back down in my life, I have more to be thankful for now than ever.

In October, my dear father-in-law, Dennis passed away of ALS and my sweet grandma Kezele passed away of pancreatic cancer....

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5 Ways Gratitude Will Transform Your Business

Sep 23, 2014

Gratitude is all the rage, and for good reason. If you commit to practicing gratitude, it will transform your life. But did you know that gratitude can also transform your business?

Gratitude instantly increases the power of your personal presence, helping you become a more magnetic (aka more...

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Step Into Your Powerful Biz Owner Shoes…Literally

Sep 04, 2014

You know that business owner you envision becoming…someday? Well, it’s time to start stepping into her shoes now.

  • What does she look like?
  • How does she dress?
  • What kinds of shoes does she wear?
  • How does she carry herself?
  • What is her office space like?
  • What does the inside of her...
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I Thought I Might Not Make It

Aug 25, 2014

Last weekend was my 4 year wedding anniversary with my husband. To celebrate, we traveled to beautiful Southwest Colorado where we stayed in the adorable little mountain town of Ouray. While there, we hiked two 14ers: Mt. Sneffels and Handies Peak. Above is a picture of me on Mt. Sneffels’...

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My Instant Pick Me Up

Aug 05, 2014

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy…actually let me restate that – being human isn’t always easy.

Some days you feel on top of the world; like the days when you have a new client sign up at your highest rate ever, you receive an...

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3 Ways to Get Out of Your Head and Into Action

Jul 15, 2014

The biggest barrier to being a powerful presence as the face of your brand is discomfort. Discomfort can show up in many forms, the two big ones being Physical Discomfort and Mental Discomfort.

If you are lucky to have your general health, physical discomfort is fairly easy to...

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How I Multiplied My Income By 7X

Jun 17, 2014


I’m celebrating paying off my $9,000 Stars investment…within one year!

One year ago, I courageously decided to invest in Stars, a high-end coaching and mastermind program. Although I had achieved success in certain parts of my business up...

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How to Be Poised without Seeming Arrogant

May 28, 2014

When I tell my clients they must master “poise” to project a Magnetic Presence, some turn up their nose and say “but I don’t want to come off stiff and arrogant!”

When I hear this comment, I know my client misunderstands the definition of poise, and because you...

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How to Handle Hate Mail

May 01, 2014

Today I’m going to talk about something that’s not so cheery: hate mail. Even though it’s not a fun topic, it’s super important to address if you’re on the path to going big in your biz – because the greater your reach becomes, the more you open yourself to the...

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7 Tips for Your Personal Branding Photoshoot

Apr 09, 2014

Quality head shots are an important part of a successful signature brand. By quality head shots, I don’t mean a nice picture of you that your mom took… I mean professional photos with a professional photographer who knows how to bring out your unique awesomeness.


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