7 Things You Must Do Before You Hire a Website Designer

Oct 04, 2017

Are you thinking about having your first website designed?

Or maybe you're sick of feeling embarrassed every time you share your current website with potential clients? 

If you're ready for a new or revamped website and you feel overwhelmed or confused about how to go about the process in a...
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How to Find the Right Venue for Your Next Event

Sep 27, 2017
Live events, trainings, and workshops are powerful ways to make a tangible difference, attract clients and increase your income (by potentially tens of thousands, or more) per year. But if you don't have a venue to host your event... well, you don't have an event.

The first place I see...
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The Biggest Lie in the Coaching Industry

Sep 13, 2017
There's a misconception that I hear from some new business owners that I want to clear up right now.

It's the idea that... 

  • your business is supposed to be easy. 
  • everything is supposed to happen with "ease and flow". 
  • struggle is a sign that something is wrong.

With a...
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13 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Business

Aug 30, 2017
Have you been spinning your wheels in the early stages of your business? 

Overwhelmed with all there is "to do"? 

Confused about where to focus? 

Frustrated that things aren't working out for you the way they seem to be working out for your peers?

Exhausted from the time and...
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How to Protect Your Energy While Staying Open-Hearted

Aug 16, 2017
How to Protect Your Energy While Staying Open-Hearted and Compassionate
Part of being a leader is having a lot of people around you.

All of these people bring their own "shit": 

  • Challenges they are facing in their personal lives, 
  • Projections based on past experiences, 
  • ...
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The Dark Side of Personal Branding

Aug 02, 2017
What comes to mind when you think of personal branding? 

For most daring solopreneurs, it's fun things like:

  • Beautiful colors, graphics and logos.
  • Creative clothes, shoes, accessories and hair styles.
  • Authentic headshots that represent their true personality.
  • A gorgeous...
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3 Keys to Keeping Your Events on Track (without appearing like a control freak)

Jul 19, 2017
3 Keys to Keeping Your Events on Track without Appearing Like a Control Freak

As the face of your brand, one of the absolute BEST ways to establish your credibility, become a sought-after expert and attract clients, is to position yourself as the leader of a group. 

Groups can come in...

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The Lie That Keeps Leaders Stuck in the Dark

Jul 05, 2017

Do you know that you were born to lead? 

To share your message with a tribe of people who look to you for guidance and inspiration? 

To feel the joy and confidence that comes from living aligned with your true potential?

I have always known that I was born to lead. And recently,...

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4 Reasons Why I Shouldn't Have Started Daring Divas

Jun 21, 2017
"If I had listened to all the reasons I shouldn't have gone for my dream, some of them even legitimate reasons, I wouldn't be where I am today."

Have you ever had a dream, but came up with a million reasons why you shouldn't go for it?

I have. And if I could guess, I bet you have too.

My dream was...

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She Told Me The Thing I Dreaded to Hear...

Jun 07, 2017
You can't attract clients without a tribe and you can't build a tribe without a clear personal brand.
~Jessie May

5 years ago I was having coffee with a colleague when she shared something with me that really hurt. It was the last thing I wanted to hear and everything I...
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